A Pink/White StripLike Paper!EL sheets can be cut into a wide variety of shapes

EL Strip

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EL strips come in four colors and can be cut into any shape as long as there is a connector somewhere. Comes with micro-jst connector attached.

Blue, Aqua, and Green strips are white when off. Strips that glow white are pink when off. They are 1 x 8.5 inches (2.5 x 20 cm).

They are quite thin and flexible (but will break if you crease them). Larger panels are also available, we are distributing these so that people can get a feel for the material. If you would like a sample in a different shape, we may be able to accommodate. Contact!


Product Description

In this demo, we show how EL strips can be used to power a sequencer and trigger animations.

This video shows how thin the strips are, and how the touch sensing works independent of the position (from a distance!).

Additional Information


Aqua, Blue, Green, White/Pink


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